Hey, I'm Brandon.

I'm a marketing and UX copywriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I write words that excite people, drive action, and grow business.

When I'm not writing, I'm taking photographs, watering my houseplants, baking sourdough bread, or watching cheesy horror films.

And a few Saturdays out of the month, I volunteer with http://firstexposures.org.

I'm looking for new clients to work with! Check out my complete list of services here: https://bit.ly/2rMvMVU.


University of California Santa Cruz

BA, Literature


Sr. Marketing Writer


Sr. Content Writer (Freelance)


Product Copywriter & Social Media Manager


Copywriter & Contributing Photographer

Ten Space Development

Copywriter & Web Editor

Message In A Bottle

Assistant Editor & Feature Writer

Big Monkey Group Publishing

Copywriter & Editor

Leaf Group