QASource Comic Mailer

Brand swag: cheap key chains, thumb drives, water bottles. Mostly trite, rarely cool.

Solution? An awesome branded comic book. It was included with a direct mail package shipped to cloud collaboration companies like Box, Dropbox, and Slack.

With input from marketing and management teams, I developed a storyboard and script for The Adventures of Quade. The comic’s hero is Quade, QASource personified, and the villains he fights are coding bugs and process slow-downs that plague software companies as they scale.

I coordinated with illustrator Sean Miller and his team at Anchor Comics throughout the design and printing process.

• Boosted opt-ins for gated assets
• Increased engagement on social channels
• Generated/nurtured leads in the collaboration space
• Increased brand recognition at QA industry events (“Oh, you’re the comic book guys!”)
• Refreshed company voice/messaging

Copywriter, project coordinator, creative direction
October 2014
Publication, script, long copy, brand identity, direct mail
Sean Miller/Anchor Comics